Captivating and imaginative, a breadth of inspiration. Within just a moment of gazing at Paul Peterson’s flowing strokes, you’ll be enthralled by these powerful attributes. By capturing life's shapes in a free and fluid fashion, Paul expresses reality with a conversational spirit. Once you see his unique color choice and media set, his energetic work will be shelved in your mind’s library of great art.

Acrylic is his passion, where a sense of raw feeling through shapes and spaces emerges with each of his strokes. Almost a visual conversation, there is honesty and truth in each piece, a true reflection of Paul’s personality. Through astounding use of color and composition, the art effortlessly breathes new life into any room. With that, extensions of the buyer’s own personal experiences connect them to the art in a unique way.

Since early childhood, Paul has called Minnesota home, being adopted from Colombia and landing in Shoreview. His love for art and expression through different mediums paved his creative journey, studying at the Massachusetts College of Art and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. By starting small and building his clientele through private shows, his work became known with influential and passionate art buyers. In just 10 years he has sold over 800 paintings to 600+ clients across the world. Some of his most prized commissioned work for affluent clients include Matt Kalil of the MN Vikings, Nino Niederreiter of the MN Wild, the James J. Hill family, and notable businesses and restaurants. Paul’s work has also seen screen time, being featured in the movie Three Weeks and HGTV/DIY network television shows I Hate My Kitchen, Renovate to Rent, and Five Day Flip.  He was most-recently featured in an episode of tpt's award-winning art series, MN Original.

Paul is the founder of several original mixed media styles including “custom canvas” collections using recycled materials and a successful abstract painting series that captures natural scenes, described as modern and minimalist, yet energetic. Always one to continually expand his imaginative spirit, his latest custom pieces use a variety of recycled materials, including wine corks and golf tees.

He and his wife Carla reside in Saint Anthony Village, Minnesota with their young son Davin, who is becoming quite the artist himself alongside dad in the studio. Between Paul’s artwork and his tiny paintings, there is no shortage of inspiration hanging from the walls.